SAU 29 Jobs - Keene School District

School Administrative Unit 29 (SAU 29) is comprised of seven independent school districts. These districts are: Chesterfield School District, Harrisville School District, Keene School District, Marlborough School District, Marlow School District, Nelson School District and Westmoreland School District. 

SAU 29 is the largest multi-district SAU in New Hampshire (NH). Its responsibilities include managing a collective budget of approximately $84.3 million, maintaining 14 school buildings, coordinating the activities of seven independent school boards, and supervising the education program for approximately 4,100 students. SAU 29 and its member districts employ more than 1,000 people and cover 211 square miles in southwestern New Hampshire.  

NH SAU 29 Mission

  • To provide leadership for continuous school improvement within SAU 29 that results in success for every student

  • To build and maintain a focus on a common vision and direction that meets the educational needs of member communities and assures the highest quality

  • To provide services and coordinate resources to support the effective and efficient operation of SAU 29 and its member schools