Andover Public Schools

Andover Public Schools (APS), a district dedicated to providing creative and quality instruction that educates the whole child so that they are prepared for success in college, career and life. We are a district known for academic rigor and excellence in arts and athletics.

APS is focused on world-class child-entered excellence in early childhood, elementary and secondary education. We have one Preschool, five K-5 Elementary Schools, three 6-8 Middle Schools, and a Senior High School. 

Andover Public Schools 36 Bartlet St, Andover, Massachusetts 01810, USA
May 06, 2019
Full time
Responsibilities -Within mainstream or in pullout setting, provide teamed, small group or individualized instruction and/or academic support according to the general and specific goals outlined in students' individualized educational plans   -Modify and adapt the curricula, materials, and physical environment to meet the needs of individual students.   -Completes diagnostic academic testing (formal/informal) as required.   -Participate in IEP Team meetings for students assigned or newly referred. -Act as Case Manager for designated students, providing close communication with parents and staff and preparing progress reports, annual review narratives and individual education plans.   -Write specific IEP goals & objectives for students assigned or newly referred.   -To design and implement behavior support plans for selected students.   -To provide consultation services to school staff in terms of modifying curriculum, teaching style to meet the needs of special education students.   -To write specific objectives for individual educational programs for pupils in special needs programs or newly referred to the program.   -To attend special needs staff meetings and designated school staff meetings.   -To write IEP progress reports on all students assigned.   -To submit budget requests, inventory data, or required reports as requested by the Program Head.   -To provide small group or individual instruction to special needs pupils as prescribed in their educational plans.   Qualifications -Massachusetts Teaching Certification: Teacher of Moderate Special Needs -Experience instructing students with learning disabilities, social emotional disabilities, autism, & other special needs. -Experience in adapting materials/curriculum for special needs students. -Strong curriculum/academic background. -Ability to consult with general education teachers regarding learning needs of special education students. -Experience in designing and implementing behavioral management programs. -Experience with inclusive model of instruction and willingness to team-teach.   -Experience utilizing computer technology within the classroom preferred.  
Andover Public Schools Wood Hill Middle School, Cross Street, Andover, MA, USA
May 06, 2019
Part time
Responsibilities  -Assist pupils in securing appropriate lessons, skill sheets and procedures. -Assist teachers with clerical tasks such as correcting tests, recording results, xeroxing and maintenance of student records. -Administer or help administer district assessments. -Under the teacher's direction, teach individual or small group lessons using teacher prepared materials. -Help students learn how to assess and record their work. -Under the teacher's direction, secure classroom provisions and/or make appropriate learning materials. -Enforce school rules and regulations and handle disciplinary problems fairly and firmly reporting serious infractions to classroom teacher and /or building administration. -Supervise students during morning arrivals, recesses, lunch hour shift, lunch, recess and student departures.   Qualifications -Minimum of two years of college or equivalent two years experience working with children. -Knowledge of use of computers and application of classroom technology. -General clerical and basic word processing skills.