Seminole County Public Schools

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is the 12th largest school district in Florida and is 60th nationally with more than 67,000 students and 10,000 employees. SCPS is a leader in education throughout Central Florida and the State and is widely recognized as a Premier National School District.


Seminole County Public Schools will be the premier school district in the State of Florida and will be recognized nationally for high standards, academic performance and offering students customized educational pathways 24/7/365.

Seminole County Public Schools Seminole High School, Ridgewood Avenue, Sanford, FL, USA
Jan 28, 2019
Full time
      Job Description   Teacher - Biology and Biology Honors   Information   "FEDERAL PUBLIC LAW 107-110 107th Congress aka NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND requires that all instructional employees teaching core academic subjects be deemed highly qualified in the core academic subject(s) they are teaching."  This requirement is verified for consideration of instructional employment.   Other Information   Other Information     SCPS Contracted Teachers: As a reminder, Article XXXIII, A., d. of SEA contact language states, “When making a request for transfer 20 work days prior to the first day of pre-plan and during the school year, the teacher must obtain a release from the administrator of the present work center.  Said administrator has the sole discretion to deny such request.” Beginning July 7th, any teacher seeking to transfer into another teaching position will need to submit a completed Employee RFI Form to their Principal/Cost Center Administrator, prior to applying for a specific job opening.  The Employee RFI Form is available to complete on-line through Employee Self Service.  Log into ePassport, Main Menu, Self Service, Employee Forms, Employee RFI Form.  Once the form is completed, click Submit, and the form will flow to your Principal/Cost Center Administrator to approve or deny said request.  Please note, you may add multiple job openings to one (1) form.  Once you have submitted the RFI form, you must then proceed to the Careers/Vacancies site (Main Menu, Self Service, Recruiting, Careers) and apply for the specific, advertised job opening(s)  prior  to the closing date.