Orenda Education

Orenda Education was founded in 1995 as a private organization and began a network of public charter schools in Texas in 2001, offering educational support services and sports programming for children and youth in grades K-12. We operate college preparatory schools, career and technical schools, and a residential facility school.

Orenda Education, a non-profit educational organization, is the sponsoring entity for Orenda Charter Schools. In 2015, Orenda Education raised over $450,000 to help keep a small school environment, offer competitive compensation plans to teachers, and offer a wide array of UIL extracurricular activities.

Orenda Charter Schools strives to create new and innovative school choice opportunities in Texas for families seeking an alternative to the large, more traditional public school system. Our goal is to offer another public school choice for students who want a smaller school experience that may better fit their academic, social, physical, and moral development.