Northwest Independent School District

Northwest ISD (NISD) is one of the fastest growing school districts in the state and attracts more than 1,400 new students each year. NISD spans 234 square miles and serves 14 communities in parts of three counties. The district operates three comprehensive high schools, an accelerated high school, six middle schools, 19 elementary schools, a special programs center and a community-based youth residential program.

Our Core Beliefs

1. Kids come first.
2. Continuous learning is essential to prepare for college and career opportunities.
3. Each student's success is the shared responsibility of students, families, schools, and communities.
4. Learning is influenced by environment.

Our Vision

Northwest ISD empowers learners and leaders to positively impact the world.

Our Mission

Northwest ISD, in collaboration with students, families, communities, and global partners, will engage in a culture of learning that prepares all students to confidently navigate their future.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1
Students will achieve success through meaningful learning experiences, innovative pathways, and personalized opportunities.

Goal 2
Northwest ISD will recruit, value, and retain an exceptional staff to create a rewarding learning environment.

Goal 3
Northwest ISD will create and foster an environment where all stakeholders are engaged in the transformational work of the NISD family.

$83,666 - $110,906 yearly
Northwest Independent School District V.R. Eaton High School, Eagle Boulevard, Haslet, TX, USA
May 27, 2020
Full time
Title: Associate Principal - High School (0209) Reports To: Principal  Dept. /School: Campus Assigned                      Duty Days: 220 days Wage/Hour Status: Exempt                  Pay Grade: A40 Date Revised: 11/15   Primary Purpose :   Work with the campus Principal to coordinate and administrate the various programs of the school within the framework of the philosophy, goals, and policy established by the Board, within the status and standards of regulatory agencies, and in accordance with administrative regulations. Coordinate assigned student activities and services.                     ...
Northwest Independent School District Roanoke Elementary School, Lancelot Drive, Roanoke, TX, USA
May 27, 2020
Full time
Job Title: Elementary Teacher - 3rd Grade (0503)  Reports to: Principal Dept. /School: Campus Assigned Duty Days: 187 (2020 - 2021 School Year)  Wage/Hour Status: Exempt Pay Grade: A15/A20 Date Revised: 2/19   Primary Purpose:   Provide students with appropriate learning activities and experiences designed to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Enable students to develop competencies and skills to function successfully in society.   Qualifications:   Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university Valid Texas teaching certificate with required endorsements for subject and level assigned ESL Certification required for all ELA teachers Knowledge of subjects assigned General knowledge of design and delivery issues related to alignment for best results in student achievement Ability to deliver instruction and manage student behavior Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal...