High School Principal

  • Andover Public Schools
  • 36 Bartlet Street, Andover, MA, USA
  • Apr 27, 2020
Full time Administrative

Job Description


Under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Schools and in accordance with School Committee policy, oversee a comprehensive, four year high school with a challenging and diversified educational program. The High School Principal is responsible for the effective management of the school in order to promote the educational development of each student.


Supervise the high school's educational program.

-Monitor the implementation of school curriculum. Work with the appropriate staff to ensure content, scope and sequence which are appropriate for students' learning at different grade and developmental levels.

-Establish expectations that will enable all students to achieve basic skill levels in the areas of critical thinking, reading, writing, listening, speaking, computation, scientific inquiry, data management, technology, media, artistic expression, health and physical education.

-In consultation with the Assistant Superintendent, oversee the development, revision and evaluation of curriculum to ensure high academic standards are met. Make recommendations for program development and curriculum revision to appropriate staff.

-Encourage a variety of teaching methods and programs to promote student learning and the mainstreaming of special needs students into all core curricula and student activities.

-Work with the appropriate staff to ensure the integration of curriculum concepts and instructional materials into the school program that reflect civic responsibility, community service, historical awareness, and cultural and ethnic diversity.

-Work with the appropriate staff to implement and supervise the evaluation of instructional programs and interpret data to improve teaching and learning.

-Encourage opportunities for students to work in and understand their community, its history, and its resources.

-Provide opportunities for students to research post secondary options through curricula and counseling services.

Provide effective and dynamic leadership to students and faculty of Andover High School.

-Communicate the high school's vision, goals, long-range plans, needs, and accomplishments to students, staff, families and the community-at-large. Facilitate communication between groups effectively involving all parties in the educational process.

-Delegate authority to encourage staff initiative and participatory decision making.

-Facilitate and implement effective educational policies and procedures in compliance with the initiatives of the Andover School Committee.

-Establish and enforce high standards of student conduct, and enforce discipline, as necessary, according to due process to the rights of students.

-Facilitate and implement comprehensive student support services and activities geared to serve the interests and needs of a diverse student body.

-Sponsor school events for staff, students, parents, and community to participate in appropriate areas of the educational process.

Actively work with parents and PAC members to ensure effective communication on matters affecting school policy, program implementation, and student behavior.

-Institute and conduct an effective School Council.

-Meet regularly with the PAC organization encouraging its full involvement in the affairs of the school.

-Initiate, facilitate, encourage programs to integrate parents into the educational life of the school.

-Plan and implement programs for parents which will assist them in understanding the developmental needs of high school students and the role of the school in meeting these needs.

-Provide opportunities and encourage a strong program of volunteers in the school.

-Provide and encourage regular communication between the school administration and teachers with parents and community through items such as newsletters, progress reports, news articles, etc.

Provide effective and efficient management of school staff and administration functions.

-Interview, train, supervise, and evaluate the Assistant Principals and Program Advisors.

-Interview, appoint, train, supervise, evaluate and discipline all certified and classified staff, with the assistance of Assistant Principals, Program Advisors, K-12 Coordinators, and the Director of Student Services.

-Encourage and support the development of all professional and administrative staff.

-Assist in the in-service orientation and training of teachers and assure compliance with proper administrative procedures.

-Supervise the preparation of all school and monthly reports for the Central Office.

-In consultation with the Assistant Superintendent of Finance, prepare, draft, and revise a comprehensive school budget for classroom teachers, specialists, and all instructional personnel assigned full-time to the building; prepare this budget with the assistance of Program Advisors, K-12 Coordinators, teachers, system wide administrators, and the school council.

-Supervise the maintenance of accurate student and teacher records that protect privacy and confidentiality and are in compliance with state and federal regulations.

-Develop and implement school calendar and student and staff schedules.

-Oversee the maintenance, cleanliness and security of the school building and grounds by supervising and working closely with the Senior Custodian(s) assigned to the building.

-Conduct meetings of the staff as necessary for the proper functioning of the school.

Actively seek out grants to augment school revenues for the purposes of curriculum and staff development and/or school improvement.

Perform related duties as assigned or as responsibilities necessitate.


-Massachusetts certification as a secondary school principal.


-Master's Degree. Evidence of study beyond Master's Degree preferred.

-Substantial experience as a secondary school teacher and administrator. Experience as a secondary school principal preferred.

-Effective interpersonal and leadership skills; experience facilitating communication between divergent groups and in group decision making.

-Demonstrated success in the development, evaluation and implementation of secondary school curriculum, instruction and scheduling.

-Effective administrative and management skills.

-Excellent speaking and writing skills, including the effective utilization of computers, technology, and information management tools.