High School Spanish Teacher FY20-21

  • Andover Public Schools
  • 36 Bartlet Street, Andover, MA, USA
  • Apr 27, 2020
Part time Foreign Language Teaching

Job Description


 1. Ability to work cooperatively with department members to develop curriculum.

 2. Teach the target language and culture in classes that are task-based, interactive, learner-centered, and experiential for students.

 3. Willingness to work with members of other departments in areas of student activities, interdisciplinary units.

4. Willingness to assist in the general areas of supervision.



 1. Massachusetts' certification in high school Spanish

 2. High or middle school teaching experience required.

 3. Elementary school teaching experience desirable.

4. Fluency (native or near-native proficiency) in Spanish required due to oral approach.

5. Knowledge of the ACTFL standards and proficiency guidelines a plus; ability to integrate these standards into curriculum and instruction required.