Massachusetts Teaching Jobs

Massachusetts Teaching Jobs



As of 2013, Massachusetts had 954,773 in 404 districtsThe state boasts an average graduation rate for public schools of 91.2%, which is above the nation's average of 84%. According to the MA Department of Education, Massachusetts was the first state to put in place a set of learning standards for all students. In addition, the average salary for teachers in Massachusetts is a fair amount higher as compared to other states at over $70,000. What does it take to become a teacher in Massachusetts? In Massachusetts, there are three tiers for licensing; as in many states, the base requirement is a bachelor's degree. Why consider teaching in this state? If you enjoy history, look no further than Plymouth or Boston, and in addition, there are beautiful beaches and quaint coastal towns, mountains and wooded areas.


Learning Initiatives

Massachusetts schools have gone under a recent redesign. One of these elements of this redesign is what the Department of Education (DOE) refers to as Expanded Learning time. This initiative has the goal of expanding and utilizing the time spent in school to be responsive to students' needs, both academic and otherwise. Added to this redesign is the Innovation Schools initiative, that allows educators to develop new schools, 'schools-within-a-school', and more, to ultimately help increase student achievement while maintaining funding within district bounds. Personalized learning has also been taking center stage, in a partnership between the MA DOE and LearnLaunch that includes many school districts across the state.

Massachusetts Schools Lead in...

Inspiring Schools in Massachusetts

Plymouth Public Elementary Schools

In this district, tech integration specialists and teachers have worked to make computer science accessible and interesting to their students.

Andover Public Schools

At Andover High School, staff and administration transformed learning for students by shifting to a flexible schedule, giving student more time with teachers and including personalized learning time.

Brookwood School

This preK-8 school gets students to think outside the box. One project included designing, then using a 3D printer to print a prosthetic hand for a teacher's son, and innovative design solutions for seniors.

Some Current Education Jobs in Massachusetts

Andover Public Schools

Moderate Special Education Teacher
36 Bartlet St, Andover, Massachusetts 01810, USA
Moderate special education teaching position open at Andover Public Schools.

Mohawk Public Schools

Clinical or School Psychologist
Sanderson Academy, Cape Street, Ashfield, MA, USA
Clinical or School Psychologist Elementary Level, DESE Certification required.

Falmouth Public Schools

Non-Teaching Substitutes
Falmouth, MA, USA
District-wide opening for non-teaching subsitutes in Falmouth Public Schools.

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